Drinking coffee daily may halve liver cancer risk

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If you enjoy your morning cup of joe, the results of a recent study will be welcome news.

Researchers have found that drinking just one cup of coffee per day could cut the risk of hepatocellular cancer – the most common form of liver cancer.

What is more, researchers found that the higher one’s coffee consumption, the lower the risk of hepatocellular cancer(HCC), with up to five cups of coffee each day associated with a 50 percent lower HCC risk.

Even decaffeinated coffee intake was found to reduce the risk of HCC, but to a lesser effect, the team reports.

The researchers came to their conclusion by conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis of more than 26 observational studies, which included information on more than 2.25 million adults.

The analysis revealed that drinking one cup of coffee daily was associated with a 20 percent reduced risk of HCC, drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee per day was linked to a 35 percent reduction in HCC risk, while the risk of HCC was halved with consumption of up to five cups of caffeinated coffee daily.




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